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ABOUT ME: I support individuals as well as businesses - Helping high performers to climb to a higher altitude. I feel grateful to work with people who are passionate, fully invested in life, challenge the status quo, bring a new energy, offer new perspectives. My clients particularly like my coaching style which is empowering, direct and result driven. I would add that I am a certified transformational coach and a certified coach ( ACC) with the International Coach Association ( ICF). HOW DO I WORK? At the core of my work, I raise the quality of the questions my clients ask themselves - from these questions come answers, decisions and actions. To do this, I use the Chair model : Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit - This model captures a holistic approach of life //  For individuals, I set up an initial free coaching session ( live, telephone, zoom, skype) of 60 to 90 minutes . This session is a stand alone and will already bring you great benefits. The most difficult step is the first one. How about you take the jump? +44 (0)75 15 18 68 32

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Fee Range £100+


London, England N17GU
United Kingdom


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Evy Ferreira
Madrid, Spain
Life changing experience

In the space of 6 months, Alex gave me the strength and confidence to implement amazing drastic changes in my life that I was not able to do alone.

June 2018

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