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I will help you to explore your potential, overcome obstacles and inspire in yourself the courage to fulfil your ambition. I believe that you have within you the ability to be the best version of yourself. I will coach you in an honest, reflective and collaborative way, without judgement, to nurture and motivate this possibility and incite change. My coaching will give you: - A trustful, honest and confidential space to talk and think without being judged; this in itself can be hugely insightful. - A deep exploration and clarity of your vision for your life / work. A de-cluttering and ordering of your thoughts around this. - Powerful realisation of how you view yourself and your world, and the impact this has on reaching your aspirations. - Courage to take the achievable steps to fulfil your goals and ambitions. - A sustainable and evolving understanding of yourself that can be confidently taken into other areas of your life.

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SE4, Brockley, South East London

United Kingdom

Based in Brockley, South East London - I coach face to face in London and by phone or Skype


  • Personal Coaching:
  • I work with people who are ready and committed to take control and change something in their lives. My clients have a range of desired outcomes relating to work, personal life, or both (often intrinsically entwined). They are all unique and I tailor my approach specifically to each.
  • Working with Organisations:
  • I work with charities, social enterprises and companies committed to social responsibility to support the development and mental well-being of their staff. I have specific expertise in International Development and a strong empathy towards organisations focused on human rights, poverty reduction and social and mental health.
  • Discovery meeting:
  • I offer a free “discovery” meeting to all prospective clients. This gives you the opportunity to understand more about coaching, my specific approach, and what to expect working with me. It allows us to gauge whether we have the right chemistry to work together with trust and honesty in what can be a very personal experience.


Monday to Friday 9:30-3

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