Alison Goldie: London Living Coach


Living in the busy metropolis of London brings its own special challenges: going to work, finding a home, dating, travelling about, finding peace and quiet - these things are rarely easy. When London becomes too stressful, your health, equilibrium and confidence are undermined. I have lived in London for 35 years and knows how to survive it. As a coach, I frequently see clients who have 'London burn-out'. With a compassionate, wise and informed perspective, I can help you to manage your London life, enabling you to utilise your resources to operate effectively and cheerfully when the big city gets you down. About Me: I am an individual and group coach with many years of experience, with a diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas. I have facilitated workshops and courses on Confidence Building, Procrastination, Flirting and Dating, Presentation Skills and Improvisation Skills for Life. I am an expert in improvisation and my book The Improv Book: Improvisation for Theatre, Comdy, Education and Life was published by Oberon in 2015. I am currently working on a further book which links improvisation and coaching methods. I coach from my base in Hackney in North East London, on Skype, or on a walk around a London park of your choice.

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