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Hello, thanks for visiting my profile!                         My belief is that authentic conversation is freedom. I help you to listen to your authentic voice, by tapping into your self confidence, ambitions, strengths, so that you can be free to be who you want to be. It all starts from here: if you find the courage to be honest with yourself, a new world will open up for you. My unique approach: I believe a clear mind keeps the body strong.  My coaching conversations are two-way communication between the mind and the body. Drawing from a life time of being an athlete and my skills as a yogini, I use yoga techniques in my sessions to reduce stress and bring awareness to the body, together with visualisations and mindfulness practice. I can support you in different areas of life and work. These are just some examples: career and transition performance and leadership well-being & stress management back to work after mat/paternity leave communicating with confidence I bring myself fully into every conversation, listening carefully and with empathy, being present in the moment. I care about you! I believe conversation is key to help people make the changes they need to be happy in life and at work. If you think we could be a good fit, just contact me for a free initial consultation. I promise I will listen, without interrupting or judging! P.S. Please, visit my website

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Fee Range £50 - £99


London, England SE8
United Kingdom



  • Authenticity Caring Creativity Holistic approach Straightforward Kokoro


Monday to Friday Occasionally weekends Flexible

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