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There is a good chance you’re here because you want more out of your working life. Maybe you have a career that looks great on paper but you feel stuck because it doesn’t excite you anymore. Maybe you dream of a career change but you have doubts. Or you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Whatever brings you here, let’s make today the day you take the first step. With so many creative options available I fully believe that we don't have to settle for a 'meh' work life. Wouldn't it be a waste to wake up at 65 wondering why you didn't do enough to change it? This is why career coaching with me can help you: - Clarity of who you are, what you want, of what would satisfy that craving for change. - Time for you to focus 100% on your dreams and aspirations. - Create actionable tasks by breaking your big goal into smaller ones, that you will be motivated to complete. - Get challenged to see yourself in an honest way and to push beyond your comfort zones. - Encouragement, support, and an impartial sounding board. get there faster Once you know where you want to go, I'll hold you accountable so that you make progress. - Unbiased support. Support from family, friends and colleagues is wonderful, but they may have a stake in your choices. As your career coach my support is fully independent. - A boost in personal development which will benefit you beyond your working life. Visit my website to book a free introductory session.

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Fee Range £50 - £99


United Kingdom


  • transformational coaching
  • deep empathy
  • no nonsense honesty


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Marta Abramska
Senior Manager, Big 4 consultancy

Marta is a brilliant coach. Sessions with her really helped me get clarity on the direction I want to take in my career. She has also gently challenged me to try things that I probably would not have chosen otherwise. And I am now so happy I did. Setting time aside for the coaching sessions every two weeks was the best decision I could take.

September 2018

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1 Review



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