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I offer face to face, skype or phone coaching. It can be a one off session or a package of agreed number of sessions. The introductory session will allow us to decide on the best way to go. I would like to describe myself as a flexible coach as I enjoy adapting my style to each individual. My background is teaching. I love coaching young adults to help them perform at their best at exams and succeed in their studies. I also have a strong call for people working in academia and the Art sector. I help people overcome their fears, empower them to be more confident to take action and lower their anxiety. Deciding on a career change can be scary, I help you find your way by giving you more clarity in your choices.

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Carole Douillot, speaking about coaching for the Wilderness Foundation and their turn around programme


Cambridge, England CB1 7AN
United Kingdom


  • - one to one transformational coaching
  • - positive psychology coaching
  • - existential coaching
  • - youth coaching
  • - study and exams prep workshops
  • - interview preparation
  • - business booster session
  • - beat the procrastination sessions
  • - volunteering


9:30 am to 10pm Weekdays


13 Reviews
Cambridge Cambridgeshire
Career change coaching

Carole has been of great support in helping me focusing on my path and goals. Her insights and suggestions were always spot-on and she let me come to my own conclusions while guiding me. It's also been a great relief to have someone to pour my feelings out to without feeling judged or lectured.

February 2019

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Carbon Orange
Coaching Carbon Orange

Carbon Orange highly recommend Carole as a life coach. In our work together focusing on business growth, she concentrated on our strengths within the partnership. Her ability to assess situations quickly and offer tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth has been very beneficial to us

September 2018

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London UK

Carole has a great talent to recognise patterns in human behaviour. By shedding light on repeating problems she made it easier for me to understand it and release it as a consequence. Carole must be a strong mathematician as mathematics is a science of patterns. She has the ability to exhibit presence fully with a client that creates a safe space where she provides the wisdom needed at that very moment. Carole knew how to challenge me so that I could find an inner trust and self-empowerment to be courageous and stand up to face limiting beliefs and hurdles that have not been faced in the past. Carole is always professional and is constantly working on her personal development. She demonstrates confidence in what she is doing, maintains high integrity and boundaries. Her multi potential capabilities makes her authentic, someone who thinks outside the box, creative who becomes inspiration to make a substantial contribution in a society.

May 2018

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13 Reviews



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