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DEFINE YOUR VISION. MASTER YOUR PLAN. CREATE YOUR EXTRAORDINARY. - Do you feel stuck in a rut, or not fully fulfilled in your current career? - Do you feel like there must be more for you than what you have and are experiencing now? - Do you have a burning desire to make a change? - Are you thinking of transitioning to a new, different, fulfilling career? - Are you confused or unsure about which direction to take? - Are you feeling overwhelmed with the choices and tasks in front of you? - Do you need honest support and expert guidance to structure and successfully navigate a career transition? - Are ready to take the next step, live your true potential and step into your unique extraordinary? I am here to tell you that you can change that. You can do it. You are in the right place. When there is congruence between who we are and how we work, when we have a clear sense of our purpose and what we are contributing, we are more engaged, fulfilled and high performing. It all starts with you... My global coaching clients include CEO’s, artists, MDs, small business owners and professionals in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors. They are visionary, biased towards action and brilliant at what they do. They come to me for coaching because they don’t want to get to the end of their life and wonder if they had fully lived the life they wanted. They want to make a change, an impact, a difference. I've been where you are... I get it. I’ve been there. I too have navigated some significant career and life transitions of my own. Truth is it's hard work. Stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone is, dare I say it, uncomfortable and may feel daunting. I can help you do it without the frustration and guess-work. Together we will cut through the noise, gain clarity of purpose and direction, develop a clear action plan and find bespoke, practical solutions for your personal and professional aspirations, moving you from awareness to accountability and action. I will help you make the shifts in your beliefs, mindset and behaviours that will change everything. You define the agenda. INDIVIDUAL COACHING FOCUS AREAS: - Career Transition and Progression - Vision, Strategy and Goals - Your Strengths, Abilities and Values - Time Management and Planning - Resilience - Mindset Shift Are you ready to transform your life, take your game to the next level and achieve the life and career you want? Let’s create your extraordinary, together. TRAINING, QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE: • ICF ACC ACSTH international accredited coach • Diploma in Transformational Coaching • DISC Behavioural Trainer and Consultant • Certified International John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council • Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management • Mentor with the Aspire Foundation My training and coaching approach is authentic, culturally astute and practical. I bring over 20 years of international leadership experience across various sectors, nationalities and cultures. I have shaped and delivered complex projects and programmes in developed and developing regions in the healthcare and education sectors. I have been involved in the start-up of two transnational institutions in joint collaborations between British, American, Chinese and Singaporean institutions. I have travelled across over 40 countries and worked in the UK, South Africa, China and Singapore. In addition to my global coaching clients, I have delivered high impact leadership training and group coaching workshops in the UK, China and Singapore.

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