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The way I work my coaching programme is a little different but I find SUPER effective and fits into the busy lady's life perfectly. Did you know you CAN get out of your own way, let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs by making small tiny, seemingly insignificant tweaks to how you think? Want to live your life more fully, finally get out of your own way, let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs and NOT have to spend HOURS reading and learning (I mean…who has time for that?!!) and then STILL have no clue how to practically implement changes in your own life? Don’t have thousands of pounds per monthand hours of time to spend on a 1:1 coach to get you where you want to be but know you need a little help along the way? I’ve got you covered! Introducing my 90-minute Intensive plan, plus 1-month Voxer support. This 90-minute per month coaching session and ongoing support is to get you really clear on your goals and what you need to work on in order to move forward to a more positive you and help you fall back in love with your life…without spending multiple thousands of pounds OR scheduling at least a hour of your time every week when your schedule is busy enough. You can finally stop feeling like you’re stuck where you are feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, realise you CAN achieve whatever you put your mind to and have a more positive outlook and renewed sense of self-belief…even if you feel you don’t have time! Here’s what you get when you decide to invest in the intensive plan: 1x 90-minute coaching intensive per month (Held over Skype/Phone) 1 month of Voxer support (I will actively check and respond between the hours of 9am-8pm UK time, but you can send me your Vox’s 24 hours per day whenever they spring to mind…genius right?!)It's basically like having a coach in your pocket! Personalised tools and goals to work on that I can support you with for the month. What on earth is Voxer and why is it awesome? Voxer is a free ‘walkie talkie’ app that allows you to constantly be in contact…on the go! It allows you to communicate in a quick, easy and efficient way! It helps keep you accountable – I can ask you for updates to keep you on track and you can send me them as and when!

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Fee Range £100+


United Kingdom

Ashford International

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  • 1:1 coaching over Skype or phone
  • Ongoing support


Mon-Fri - 1.00-2.30pm and 5.30-8.30pm Sat - 11.00am- 1.00pm

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