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Ewelina Bernaciak

in Relationship Coach, Life Coach

I am a qualified Transformational Life Coach. I do individual coaching sessions (in English and Polish) with people from around the world who want to change something in theirs live and become truly happy. I also work for Animas Centre for Coaching.

33 Queen Street
London, England EC4R 1BR
United Kingdom

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Joshua Knight

in Youth Coach, Relationship Coach, Parenting Coach, Life Coach, Group Coach

I coach people in need of all break through; Relationships, Addiction, Habits/Behaviors, Depression, Performance, Ect.

555 E. 5th. St. #2722


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The Self-Evolution Coach

in Small Business Coaching, Lifestyle Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Entrepreneurship Coaching

Are you ready to stop letting fear hold you back? To stop worrying about what others think of you and to put yourself and your ideas out into the world? Everything you need is already inside you... I will simply show you how to access it.

Alice Carder, Blooming Founders
4 Christopher Street
London, England EC2A 2BS
United Kingdom

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LivLife BIGGER® Coaching

in Lifestyle Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach

Working with busy professionals and aspiring global change-makers who feel overwhelmed about where to start or go next. Helping you to achieve CLARITY, inspire ACTION and provide ACCOUNTABILITY.

London, England N1
United Kingdom

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in Youth Coach, Small Business Coaching, Relationship Coach, Parenting Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Life Coach

Hello, I'm Shimmy, I speak English and Arabic, I LOVE brining the best in people :)


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Michele Miller Coaching and Therapy

in Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Group Coach, Entrepreneurship Coaching, Career Coach

There is one simple reason that people hire a coach; to understand how to get more out of themselves and their lives than they feel they are getting on their own. I believe that a great coach enables you to find answers and access all your resources.

Apt 7
1 South Hill Road
United Kingdom

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Louise Hutton

in Spiritual Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

Transformational Wellbeing Coach Discover ways to manage stress Find your life purpose Feel confident and focused Develop healthy habits Live a mindful life These are some of the areas Louise can support you with through coaching!

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