Yasmina Hedhli


I first fell in love with coaching in 2009. The transformational impact it can have is truly magical. I encourage my clients to think and dream big and then get practical, creating a plan to make the dream a reality. I work with my clients to: - Achieve clarity - what is it that you really want? - Create a vision - let's bring your goal to life. - Develop strategies to address specific challenges - are you lacking confidence or motivation? Perhaps you keep getting in your own way? - Produce a plan of action - a clear plan with deadlines and me to hold you accountable. I am particularly passionate about: 1) Helping professionals who are successful in their career turn their focus to their personal life. So often we can neglect our personal goals due to career demands, or we can even use our career to avoid difficult areas in our personal life, such as relationships. I was once defined by my job, which ultimately wasn't healthy. 2) Empowering women to go from being invisible to becoming unstoppable. So often we hide our true self, literally or metaphorically. You might be camera shy or perhaps you are scared of having honest conversations, diminishing your message and your needs in the process. I enjoy using visualisation and other methods of creative coaching.

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