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Hello, I'm Marjana. I work with professional women who have a successful career but feel stuck, unfulfilled and like they just fell into what they do. They know something is missing and has to change, but have no idea where to start. If this sounds like you, I'd love to help you get clear on what really lights you up, and move past what's holding you back, so you can live a life you love and feel excited about. I'll help you: - get clear on what you really want and what's important to you - get past your fear of making a decision - and move through what's keeping you stuck - feel confident about your next steps and have clarity on what you're headed towards - start living a life you love and feel passionate about Get in touch to book a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call, where we'll have a chat about where you are now, what you'd like to move towards, and how I can help you. Book via my calendar: or email me at with any questions. I can't wait to hear from you! -Marjana ************************* Testimonials -- "In the short space of time we worked together Marjana helped me forge a new path in my life. Her coaching led me to see my own potential and move up in my career. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I have recommended her already to a handful of friends who like me feel like they have no idea what to do with their lives. Marjana really listened to me, asked fantastic open questions and was completely objective. Everyone with a niggling issue, or goal they just quite seem to grasp, should do coaching." - Lucy, London -- "I was holding myself back in a circle of stress and seeing issues were there weren't any. Marjana helped me see clearer where I was blocking myself and helped me relax and really see the true picture. She is an incredibly insightful coach, who is gentle yet still has the perfect way of challenging you when you need it. I would recommend her to anyone." - Rebecca, London -- "The sessions with Marjana helped me plan my future professional path. We elucidated the values around which I orient myself in life and how they are being addressed in my professional choices I plan to make. Marjana is organised, punctual, empathic and explains the process very well. She was always on top of the process. Even though we had many sessions, she never lost track of the big picture. I would recommend her in a heartbeat." - Pierre-Louis, Lucerne -- "A highly professional coach that makes the client their No.1 focus. With her presence, she is able to let you go on a journey and to follow you with the ability to ask and challenge you at the right time to reroute your journey. Has an incredible calmness that makes you feel immensely comfortable and helps you open up from the start. I enjoyed that Marjana lets the client open the doors when they are ready and she will never push or lead you in a direction you do not want to go. I would highly recommend her and am thankful for her amazing coaching sessions." - Erandi, London -- "I had no idea what I was in for regarding coaching. I had no experience with it whatsoever, so I was extremely surprised on how effective it was. I had a concrete goal, but no tangible way to reach it. My head was a cluttered mess of half-finished ideas. Marjana helped me to organise them in a way that allowed me to create a concrete vision towards reaching my goals. The whole experience helped me organise my life to be more productive and more strategic about accomplishing my goals. It's an experience that forces you to look inwards and figure out what you really want to achieve. If you have a particular aspiration, but no idea how to get there, coaching will be really helpful." - Matt, Tokyo

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London, England
United Kingdom


  • Coaching programmes tailored to client needs
  • Face to face coaching
  • Remote coaching online via video call or phone


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm Evening slots are also available on specific days

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