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All the women I coach have something in common. They're successful, they're hugely capable and talented and yet right now they feel like their world is seriously out of kilter. Sometimes they can't quite put their finger on why they feel like this and they need some help to work it out. Sometimes they know what's stopping them in their tracks and where they want to get to, they just need some help navigating a path through it all. I coach women who are feeling stuck in a rut and unsure how to move forward. Women whose negative self-talk is on overdrive zapping their confidence and self belief. Women who want to leave a job they are barely tolerating. Who have exciting, inspiring dreams and ambitions but feel too uncertain or scared to make a leap into the unknown. I coach women who want to stop comparing themselves to others and worrying about what people will think of them. I coach women who want to look after themselves better, have more energy and zest for life (who feel like their get up and go, got up and went!) Women who struggle to find the time to fit it all in, family, work, partner, social life, exercise, never mind that elusive 'me time'.​ Most of all I coach women who want to make permanent, positive changes in their lives. They're willing to put the work in. They're fully committed to our coaching together, both during our sessions and in-between (yes, there might be homework!) I’m a certified transformational coach, recognised by the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching. In our coaching work together, I draw on a range of different psychological and coaching frameworks including cognitive behavioural coaching, transactional analysis, person-centred theory and mindfulness.

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76 Addison Road
Hove, England BN3 1TR
United Kingdom

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