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My ideal client feels that they are standing in front of an insurmountable wall, coated with the oil of self-doubt, fear, and indecision. They have tried to get over this wall many times and found that life just keeps bringing them back to this place over and over again. They know they must breakthrough and they want to break through, but something holds them back. They don’t need a pep talk, they need clear results and tools that they can use to break through and keep breaking through. I will help you do this by systematically navigating through your life’s behaviors, actions, and inner dialog to locate areas in need of clarity, improvement or upgrades. Once we find those areas, we will strategize to switch them out with new ones. These new behaviors and actions will be implemented on purpose with a specific result in mind, that you want to achieve. Maybe it's a thought process or belief system you want to change. Maybe it’s an addiction you want to finally overcome or a family member in crisis. Whatever it is, the skills, knowledge and insight you gain, will give you the tools and know-how to finally break through and bring about the best outcome for you. My coaching is uniquely valuable to my clients due to the path that my life has taken. I didn’t just receive my certification in coaching, I received a front row seat in breaking through walls in my own life. After hearing my story, most would say that I have earned a PhD from one of the world’s most esteemed academic institutions, The School of Hard Knocks. At the age of 15 I left home in search of a better life. I felt that I had no choice because it was overrun by abuse and addiction of every kind, along with the other dark attributes that make up a dysfunctional family. From then until now, my life has been filled with experiences that have given me a very unique perspective of success and happiness. In my own life, I have broken through the walls of homelessness, addiction, divorce, loss of close loved ones and the loss of businesses to name a few. Those walls have been replaced with successes such as my current marriage of 20 years, my children, being a top sales producer for two worldwide companies, raising millions of dollars from investors for my current business and so much more. I truly believe that sharing the wisdom I've learned along with the strategies that were used to ultimately prevail in my own life, is my true purpose in life. Call me, or go to my website at and schedule your FREE 50 minute initial consultation with me and allow me to show you how I can help you today.

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