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How do you know where you are going if you don't know where you are starting from? IS THIS ALL THERE IS? Perhaps the place you are starting from is somewhere you’ve worked hard to get to but now it feels unfulfilling. You may be fed up with the rat race and living in a society where everything feels just a bit superficial. You may be asking yourself IS THIS ALL THERE IS? Perhaps you feel like escaping on holiday to try and get a different perspective on your situation. However, you know that when you come home nothing will have actually changed and it would have the effect of sticking a plaster on a broken arm. THERE IS MORE! Creating visions and dreams for your life to be can be a tricky business. If you begin from a place of not being fully connected to yourself, then you are in danger of being influenced by things that may not be important; i.e. the expectations of others and society (or what you believe others and society may expect from you). The trouble is that if you create a vision from this place, when you achieve your vision you will realise that this is not the kind of life you want at all! (I know this because I've been there). HOW TO GET THERE What if I was to tell you that everything you ever need is already within you? In your life, right now, there is deep meaning and deep value. When you connect with this, you will have created a solid foundation for your future direction. I know that you know yourself better than anyone else possibly can and you don’t need anyone to tell you what’s good for you. However, your dreams maybe clouded by day to day frustrations, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. I am qualified to help you challenge these conditions so that you can uncover your desires and operate from a place of empowerment. When you give yourself the space to break through the distractions and complications of daily life and old behaviours that are no longer helpful, you create an effective place from where to plan for the future and create a life of fulfilment.

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  • 1:1 Coaching in Person at my home near East Grinstead or by Skype
  • Coaching with Meaning & Spirituality
  • Finding Your WHY
  • Leading with Purpose
  • Recognising your True Value


Mon & Wed - 8am - 8pm Tues, Thurs, Fri - 1pm - 8pm Sat - 8am - 4pm


3 Reviews
Sari Vanska
Amazing, encouraging coach !

I had the pleasure of being coached by Olivia during her early career in 2016, before she was fully qualified. I was amazed how skilful she was already then. Olivia gave me her full attention and provided a safe, honest and encouraging space for us to work. Her flexible approach enabled me to tackle a few other unexpected challenges I was going thought at the time, after which we smoothly returned to our original plan (recognising my career aspirations and changing my direction).  I especially liked the way Olivia reflected back what I had said - it was very powerful to hear my own spoken words being repeated and summarised. She challenged my thinking and provided constructive, encouraging feedback and suggestions. She was just brilliant! I would definitely recommend Olivia to anyone.

September 2017

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Katherine Sykes
The clarity I needed to transform

I cannot put into words just how much my time with Olivia helped me. For while I had started my journey with self development.The clarity I gained from voicing my thoughts out loud and then having questions raised to assess where I was and what to do to grow and improve helped me to build on and speed up this process exponentially. Olivia used what I feel to be the right balance of highlighting, questioning, re-framing and direction for my needs. I have learned so much, and seen so much improvement that I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering how to get out of limiting beliefs and gain the conviction and clarity for addressing what needs to be done and getting on.

September 2017

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Colin Ransom
Highly Recommend Olivia

I had some coaching sessions with Olivia in 2016 when I was undergoing some profound personal changes, and also changes to my business. Olivia was an instrumental in helping me navigate these changes in a way that was as stress-free as they could possible be. Olivia gave me space to explain what the situation was, rather than making assumptions, which is what I'd experineced with coaches in the past. Olivia's calm and informaed approach helped me gain clarity on what I needed to do, and how I was going to do it. I cannot recommend her enough.

September 2017

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3 Reviews


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