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- HI ! - I am Marc, a Transformational Coach, qualified from the Animas Centre for Coaching in London. ​ After graduating from PSB, a top business school in Paris, I've since lived and worked in Australia, South America and Poland, I am now based in London. Like many Millennials, I work freelance on different projects, including recruitment for charities and business development for a French startup. As I found it myself very challenging to find meaning in what I do, I am now convinced that coaching is a powerful way to get around those questions. I coach artists and creatives around tackling the limiting beliefs that get in the way of their projects. I also coach students and youngsters in schools. Indeed, I think coaching in schools should be mandatory. I strongly believe that my generation and the next ones are more than ever in a quest for meaning. Through working with education establishments, I help students know more about how they can use their very own talent. I strongly believe in the power of coaching and I am passionate about creating opportunity for my clients to explore the meaning of what they do for themselves. ​ I want you to experience it!

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Fee Range £50 - £99


91B, Mount Pleasant Lane
London, England E5 9EW
United Kingdom

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