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We lead busy, 21st century lives. We’re expected to cope. However, if we forget to take a step back, if we forget to take care of ourselves inside and out, sometimes we can't cope. At time we may avoid facing reality,  you may feel caught up and stuck by emotions that are triggered in you by someone, you feel tired and discontented with home or work, and you may feel unhappy about something, but can’t put our finger on what or why. All this can hit us hard, and you may need support to help you see your options and decide on how you will make changes or create some acceptance regarding the issue. When you can create and access your Resilatude, you can face life’s changes with confidence and determination. Resilatude comes when the body is in balance, when you’re able to see things as they are, when you can give yourself the space to reflect, when you create your own flexible mindset, enabling you to emerge wiser and more able to deal with your life issues. I coach individuals and groups; • To increase their self-awareness about how they can be more present and patient. • Awareness of their ability to develop their own level of resilience, by becoming more conscious of their habitual behaviours thoughts and actions. • To reflect on how living in the past or future may be sapping their whole being. • How they can become more present, and pay attention to the experiences they are having now. As attention can improve their focus and awareness.

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Egginton Road
Brighton, England BN2 4PL
United Kingdom


Tues - Fri 11 am - 6.30 pm

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