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Do you regret not spending enough time with your kids, spouse, friends or parents? Have you ever come back from a holiday feeling drained and in need of another? Are you stressed, tired or just downright bored of the rut that you're in? The modern world can be a harsh place. Most of us spend over an hour a day commuting on stinking transport and then 8 hours sitting at a desk in a job that leaves us dry of ambition, and overrun with heavy workloads and office politics, for what? We are stressed out, tired, out of energy and feeling lost. If any of this speaks to you, you're in the right place. I've been there, for over ten years I worked in numerous marketing roles from agency advertising to social media consultancy. It took redundancy for me to realise that the dream of being a business owner was entirely possible. Using my own signature transformation framework, built after hundreds of hours of contemporary study, I have mastered the ability to continually reshape my own life. This has inspired me to help other marketing professionals to discover their true passion and create a plan on how to achieve it. Through 1-1 coaching with me, you will set the priceless practices that you can use in your daily life right here and now, to find peace and have more energy in life and your business. I welcome any conversation that might be of benefit, please contact to book a call. What my clients say: "I started working with Sarah back in September 2018 when I was feeling so lost in my personal life and with my career. Coaching with Sarah has been quite simply life-changing for me. I've found my way again, unpicked the untrue self-beliefs I had about myself and found amazing inner confidence! Sarah is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her coaching." - Rebecca "I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Sarah. Sarah was just supportive and just what I needed in a coach she allowed me to explore my inner world quite deeply, with no judgement. In turn, through her gentle and thought-provoking challenging I was able to recognise that I needed to make changes in some of my thought processes and beliefs in order to productively move forward, whilst this is still a work in progress I am immensely grateful that I had Sarah as a coach as I feel a lot more grounded and focussed on what I have to do." - Jacky "Thank you Sarah for the coaching sessions. They came at exactly the right time for me and really helped me to overcome some obstacles and move forward towards my goal. I feel more confident, more focussed, and more motivated. You were very present, reflective and supportive. Thank you!" – Lizzy Clarity | Work-life Balance | Confidence | Mindset | Goal Setting | Planning

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Harrow, Hertfordshire, Brent, Barnet
North West London
London, England
United Kingdom

North West London


  • Remote sessions via Zoom
  • Face To Face within North West London


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00

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