Tess Williams: Coaching for Work & Wellbeing (incl for Humanitarian & development aid workers)


My services: Taking a practical and down to earth approach, I work with people from all walks of life, from any backgrounds and can work with most challenges, but have particular focus on the following: Specialist Areas: - Confidence - Leadership development - Career progression - Career and life change - 'the crossroads conundrum' - Overcoming stress, burnout and developing resilience - Working with those in the social sector, charities or international development / humanitarian NGOs. While a good coach can support anyone from any background, as someone who spent nearly 20 years in humanitarian aid, I know how important to me it was (at the time), to find a coach who understood this world.  For many of us, making a change in one area of our life will inevitably affect other areas. For example, a career change may affect our relationships with loved ones. So, while I specialise in the areas above, I also recognise the complexity of change and the need to explore all areas that affect ability to move forward as required.  I tailor my coaching to the client concerned and can draw upon a range of tools and techniques to help you get the best from your sessions.  I am always led by you, the client, though will offer options of different approaches and encourage exploration of new ideas where appropriate. I tend to be quite practical and down to earth, though not afraid of the spiritual - you would be amazed at what a little open-mindedness (and mindfulness) can bring.  'Tess is very approachable, highly perceptive and conversations with her were very valuable in identifying the opportunities, weighing up the opportunities and supporting my decision making - they led to an important breakthrough in my career'. Fees: £50 per session (1 hour) - recommended 6 sessions - though packages can be tailored accordingly. Face to face sessions may incur an additional fee depending on travel and location. Method: I can offer face to face or online sessions. As many of my clients are spread all over the world, most of my current practice is online and I can be flexible on timing to allow for different time-zones. About me: My coaching practice draws on 20 years progressively senior management experience in international humanitarian aid, living both overseas and in the UK.  During that time, I frequently acted as a mentor and coach for staff, working with a diversity of amazing people with different challenges and goals, supporting them to make career progressions and life decisions. I also supported people through times of high stress and pressure, where their ability to manage the day to day had become overwhelming. I helped them make sense of what was happening, gain clarity and take steps to move on with more resilience. In my current practice, based near Guildford in Surrey, I have successfully worked with people from all backgrounds: newly appointed CEOs who want to develop their confidence and leadership abilities; business entrepreneurs looking for their next venture; people who want to get back into work or take the next step up the ladder; those disillusioned with their current career; those who are simply overwhelmed by the stresses that work, and life, can bring. Alongside coaching practice and study, I continue to be connected to the humanitarian world, taking on consultancies, and delivering personal safety and security training for those travelling to hostile environments.  I frequently runs sessions on these courses in managing stress and building resilience, - involvement in which furthered my interest in the impact of stress on the body and mind and the importance of mental well-being and resilience. I am particularly interested in trauma (especially building resilience prior to exposure) and am seeking to undertake further professional development in this area. Qualifications: - Diploma in Transformational Coaching: Animas '19 - Certificate in Corporate Coaching (to finish April '19): Animas '19 - Psychological First Aid Certificate - Johns Hopkins University '17 - BSc Hons (First Class) - Development and Health in Disaster Management (including modules on 'psychological aspects of disasters') Coventry University '02 - Introduction to counselling and counselling skills certificate '98

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Fee Range £50 - £99


Godalming, England GU7
United Kingdom

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