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I find it hard to define my coaching style (or me) because what I advocate is the antithesis of having one. However, if I were to give it a name, I would call myself a (w)holistic coach, which is actually my brand name. I believe we are whole/indivisible beings and therefore any categorization or definition tends to compartment us in smaller pieces, risking missing the bigger picture. One the other hand, I can talk about what makes me human and about my life experiences that helped shape the person I am today, and that by itself demonstrates how rich, complex and unique each of us are and what I will be bringing to the coaching space because who I am as person is who I am as a coach. As Herman Hesse once said: ‘I’m neither a minister nor a therapist and I act without authority or entitlement, but I strengthen each and every individual to the extent I’m able to understand him, in those aspects which distinguishes him from the norm, and I try to show him the meaning of his uniqueness’. And if every being is inimitable, there’s not one single coaching style that will cater to everyone, not even in a niche. There might be individuals with similar problems, similar questionings, but they still remain unique in their very essence and therefore even if the final destiny is the same, there are numerous paths. Each of us carries the pain and the joy of being who we are and every single one of us deserves to be looked at and understood at the very core, every time looked at with different understanding eyes. But if I must write a more specific definition of the multiple things I am and at the same time I am not, it would be that I’m a lawyer with a LLM degree in International law and 10 years of corporate experience, so I understand how being under pressure and spending most of your time on a sometimes toxic environment can do to your overall health. I have been there myself. I’m a natural born leader and conflict solver and that allowed me to build the necessary bridges to create indispensable changes in my workplace. I’ve come to realise that every human being when valued and given the right conditions, will inevitably excel and self- actualise. I’ve been a health, wellbeing and lifestyle mentor for eight years and I also graduated in ballet and modern dance, which was my passion. I had to stop ballet due to a severe injury, so I do understand the feeling of being impotent and what loss feels like, but I also experienced how it feels like to rediscover, reinvent that passion (in my case it was through gym). I’m also a massive fan of psychology and have invested a lot of time and money on personal development. I’ve pursued my coaching diploma with Animas centre for Coaching, I’ve completed personal development courses such as Avatar, Silvia Mind Control, Shadow work. I’m also a firm believer that body and mind needs to coexist with the spirit and soul and so I embarked on a self discovery journey to India and Abadiania where I searched to find meaning and purpose in my life incorporating yoga and meditation on my everyday routine. But above all, I’m human. One compassionate human being with a deep, honest desire to create change. Each one of us is a priceless, unique experiment of nature and noteworthy in every instance and so every person’s story is important and deserving of full attention. I also believe that there are two kinds of people and workplace in this world. One kind has congealed into their final selves. It might be a good self, but you can’t expect surprises from them. Whereas, the other kind keeps moving and the motion of it keeps them young and up to speed with the ever-changing world. These are the people and environment that live and create change. As a coach I cater to the second kind. I cater to anyone and everyone who’s committed to their own development and the development of their employees because I believe that the bravest thing nowadays is having the courage to be yourself on a world that is constantly demanding you to be something else.

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  • One to one and group personal and corporate coaching.

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