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“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in it!” -- The Tempest I serve a limited number of high functioning, passionate, committed people who refuse to accept a default future and who are determined to move forward and reach their greatest potential. ► Why embrace a brave new world? ◆ We must make a decision about our lives: create a future or live a default future. When you choose to embrace your potential, you choose to grow, to learn, to challenge and to be challenged. ◆ The potential within us is far beyond our wildest imaginations. ◆ It's tough but guaranteed to be exciting and fun. ► How a brave new world might look like? ◆ Life change: you want to create a new phase in your career, strengthen a marriage, cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and with others. ◆ Leadership: you want to expand your business, become a more effective communicator and leader… ◆ Meaning & Fulfilment: you want to find your true calling, look for meaningfulness and fulfilment in your life. ◆ Financial freedom: you want to create greater financial success and prosperity. ◆ Vision: you want to develop and work towards your vision to make a positive impact in the world. ► Who am I? Non-linear, curious, positively disruptive, imperfect, silly and occasionally profound. ► Who are you? Determined, creative, brave, hero at heart, imperfect, equally silly and profound.

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Fee Range £100+


Barbican Center, Silk Street
United Kingdom

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  • Free introduction call.
  • Skype and phone sessions.
  • Face to face coaching near City of London.
  • Flexible programs tailored for individuals.
  • Half day, one day or multi day intensive.

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