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- Are you thinking about divorce, feeling overwhelmed emotionally? - Are you in the middle of the divorce process, finding it hard to make decisions? - Have you recently got divorced, worried about the future? Take a deep breath. You are not alone. I’m Margaret Yates, Founder of Zen Divorce Coaching. I will be there for you, every step of the way. Before, during and after your divorce. I will help you cope with the emotional aspect of divorce. I know how divorce turns your life upside-down. I help you manage these feelings, leaving you able to focus on the divorce process. I will help you deal with the practical side of divorce, such as dealing with solicitors, paperwork and housing. Finally, I will help you find purpose and direction in your post-divorce life. It may not have been your choice to start the divorce process; however, you can choose how you approach it. You can choose to plan your decisions rather than feel you are are being forced into a situation that’s out of control. What is Divorce Coaching? A divorce is one of the most emotionally devastating events that can happen in your life. The feeling that your world has turned upside-down makes it difficult to make decisions. However, these decisions will affect the rest of your life. You need to make them with clarity. A Divorce Coach helps you break this vicious circle, before, during and after divorce. - Understanding if divorce is right for you, right now. - Managing paperwork. - Finding a solicitor. - Getting clear on your goals. - Managing your emotions. - Communicating in a way that reduces confrontation. - Understanding how divorce affects your children (if you have them). - Supporting you through the transition to your new life. - Boosting confidence and self-esteem. A Divorce Coach provides a confidential, calm space where you can share your feelings without judgement or ridicule. I help you find clarity during an emotional time, so you make the right decisions. Why Zen Divorce Coaching? During the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, it’s important to have someone on your side. A Divorce Coach helps you over every hurdle of the process, in a calm, non-judgemental manner. The advantages of consulting with a Divorce Coach are many: From an emotional side, you’ll be able to: - Identify your desired outcomes from divorce. - Reduce stress, and lose the feeling of ‘emotional overwhelm’. - Manage your feelings, acknowledging your anger, pain and fear. - Put aside your need to ‘win’, separating emotions from the decisions you have to make. - Look to the future with confidence, without bitterness. From a practical side, you’ll be able to: - Find a solicitor. - Complete complicated paperwork. - Clearly understand your solicitor’s legal advice. - Deal with financial and housing matters. - Communicate effectively with your ex-spouse. Don't suffer in silence. Call or email me today and book a free 30 minute Clarity Call.

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  • Initial Free 30 minute Clarity Call
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  • Help with legal paperwork and practical solutions
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